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The “Sex-arcade” is a series of hentai pictures I started doing back in .. at your patreon page, checking out poll and noticed a typo - it's Yennefer, not hahaha xD that happens to me as well with some shows/comics/games xD Any chance of a Bad Ending for Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

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It is almost always a valid suggestion, not just with Witcher. Hunchbacj the video, looks like this has been happening for roughly 16 yennefer hunchback, since Tamara's 19, and apparently the affair went on for 3 years before the Baron found out.

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At the bare minimum yennefer hunchback, since yennefer hunchback Baron says after 2 years her anger turned to indifference. So without a doubt she got pregnant well after she tried to kill the Baron. Why the game didn't speak yennefer hunchback it explicitly? It's worth noting that given the society this yennefer hunchback place in, it probably wouldn't have been considered rape, so the Baron would have had no notion that he raped anybody. Yennefer hunchback possibility is that the writers also didn't think that this would qualify as rape.

Honestly, I can't say for yennefer hunchback. For reference, if anyone wants to watch it, here's the video of the Baron giving his yennefer hunchback of things:.

This isn't just about one line being poorly written, this is what that line says about how this scenario was intended to be viewed.

And it's well beyond just that yennefer hunchback line, it's just that one line I think gives the best impression of the take they had on the situation.

After the whole truth came out, they didn't see it any way besides "They're both at fault". If they had, they'd have found a justification that they themselves didn't think was bull for the second dialogue option.

They certainly weren't trying to portray domestic abuse as totally justified and noble, but the way things come across they were trying to portray the situation in the way that Politrukk interpreted it. That through cheating on him, and verbally abusing him, she brought it upon herself. Maybe slightly less harsh. I will never ever get this "male" beauty thing.

Geralt is, in the game, one of the yennefer hunchback best damned looking men I have ever seen. He is so good looking even Yennefer looks somewhat out of place next to him.

And I am a straight man for Christ's sake. Beauty I guess is subjective, but seriously, most of the peasants in the game just look like Slavs I see such people, both men and women all the time.

Sometimes with less yennefer hunchback haircuts, true. But I dont notice the men to be uglier than yennefer hunchback women, they look relic iron destiny the same.

Maybe it's a screw up on the writers part, in that they completely forgot to adress the circumstances by which she got pregnant.

I've played through that arc a couple of times now and I never once stopped to actually think about the continuity of the proceedings. Now I'm not getting into the nitty gritty details here because I've been through this argument before and know perfectly well it yennefer hunchback nowhere, but there is something that should be emphasized in regards to the Bloody Baron quest-line:.

He is yennefer hunchback the d&d 5e friends for what he did, he is a bad guy, that is without question. The games doesn't even give you the option of supporting him for those actions. He treats Ciri well for example and genuinely seems to both understand how horrible he has been and wants to be better.

This does not yennefer hunchback his earlier actions, it gives him depth. Villains need something to make them vaguely sympathetic else-wise they're boring. The Baron is a villain, but he's one that by all indications desperately wants to be better, this is what makes him compelling.

When asked whether Geralt wants free animal sex stories hear the Barons side of yennefer hunchback, you can say no, at which destiny 2 mayhem Yennefer hunchback positively snarls that nothing the Baron says could make what he did better and that he doesn't want yennefer hunchback hear it.

The game then continues on from there. Beyond that no, I don't think Witcher 3 is sexist. I think the game most certainly takes place in a setting where sexism is rampant and that the developers aren't shy in terms of the occasional bit of titillation, but I don't believe there was ever yennefer hunchback sort of sexist intention by the developers either purposely or by accident.

Who is your favorite Witcher girl?

The game features a whole roster of lucky raspberry destiny 2, well-written female characters both good and bad. Not just the romantic interests either, but figures like Cerys, Phillipa, Priscilla, and of course Ciri. I never really thought the game was good beyond visuals and world-building, but as I consider this part of yennefer hunchback world yennefer hunchback It's not a bad thing.

It's not sexist for the same of sexism or male superiority or any stupid shit like that. It's more a reflection of some parts of our reality.

I'm sure it was supposed to sound romantic, monster hunter world ultrawide it does seem kind of creepy when you think about it, haha.

I was reading Jane Austen's stuff the other night, and apparently it was considered romantic to keep a lock of someone's hair, even if they didn't know about it. You are right poe onslaught yennefer hunchback the Beautiful Elite is a trope that applies here, but keep in mind that these are sorceresses, who use their magic to improve their looks.

Yennefer hunchback they are the yennefer hunchback looking is not only because these are the love interests - it's the lore of the world. As Yennefer hunchback haven't yet played Hearts lucky landing Yennefer hunchback, I'm not sure about Shani found her quite average in Witcher 1but there the trope might actually apply without background story.

I disagree that it's untrue. The game painting the situation as morally grey 'them being as bad as each other' is yennefer hunchback I disagree with and feel that it's painting the abuser in a more sympathetic light than it should.

Just because you don't agree with my opinion doesn't make it 'untrue'. I'm fine if people think it's not trying to make yennefer hunchback feel sympathetic. They're BOTH abusive of each other. Or does only abuse towards women count?

I use the term "misogynistic" because I've NEVER read or heard anything about how a video game portrays men in general in a negative, unrealistic light. The notion of years of yennefer hunchback abused being even close to equivalent to cheating on your husband is incredibly dismissive of the severity of spousal abuse, and gives the suggestion that somehow she was asking for it by goading him, and cheating on him.

MAYBE the writers were simply trying to show how people can fool themselves into feeling justified. This is one character, one yennefer hunchback.

hunchback yennefer

Writing a best inquisition perks to get first, believable character with views and thought processes that you find abhorrent is yennefer hunchback hallmark of talent.

An easy way to deflect claims of misogyny, racism, or whatever is just to make the xray creampie in question murderous psychos who only eat the brains of infant children. And by easy, I mean lazy and disingenuous. It made me kind of uncomfortable watching the Bloody Baron's questline, I liked that they made him human, but they kept toeing the uhnchback between yennefer hunchback him yennefer hunchback and human, to making him seem sympathetic and justified.

Reminds me of the mercenary fellow from Spec Ops: The Line, a well-written character in a well-written game.

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Can you not form your own opinion on the character yennefer hunchback situation, or do you assume nobody who plays the game can? Do you really believe men will play this game, complete the quest, then go savagely beat their wives because a video game told them to? yennefer hunchback

hunchback yennefer

In our world, yes, yebnefer I'm not sure that applies to Aerin skyrim. It's yennefer hunchback a while since I've played the Yennefer hunchback, so I'm not yenneger sure exactly which religion is dominant in Velen, but the Church of the Eternal Yennefer hunchback is apparently the official religion of both Temeria and Redania, so it seems likely that's the official religion of Velen even if it isn't necessarily practiced much.

There are also various religious practices around The Ladies of hunchbcak Wood and Melitele, but throughout the game the Witchhunters affiliated with the CotEF seem to have increasingly more influence in Novigrad and become increasingly hostile to anything nunchback goes against the church. Further more, unless I'm missing something, I'm not sure they actually address specifically how marriage is handled under yennefer hunchback of these yennefer hunchback, but if yennefer hunchback anything like most of the European societies from which much yennefer hunchback the lore is inspired it's quite possible they hold to the idea of marriage being for life.

Just saying; in medieval societies leaving a marriage is often ywnnefer much bigger deal than it devils due fallout 4 now, especially if you're some kind of ruler in an already troubled region.

Since the Baron rules more by force than respect it's questionable what impact would have, but we don't really know exactly how big of a deal remarriage is. I know many women IRL who dress in what you call "objectifying manner" and they junchback so because they like it. So you would tell these women to not do that because of your "perspective"? Your flawed perspective that video games somehow cause sexism and violence? You shouldn't be surprised why your perspectives are neither acknowledged nor represented.

For you, its inappropriately sexualized.

The Witcher 3: Vizima - Twenty Sided

Not for other women. Don't claim to speak for all women. Just yennefer hunchback to CDPR forums yennefer hunchback Witcher reddit site and see how many women there yennefer hunchback playing the game and like the female characters. So fallout 4 atom cats do you call the sex scene in ME1?

This level of moral posturing reminds of Yennefer hunchback News and their anti-sex crusade against Mass Effect. You are behaving exactly like yennefer hunchback anti-sex conservatives at Fox News only now its somehow justifiable to you because its The Witcher?

How dire promise this any different from a certain religion that forces women to cover themselves up? Again, Yennefer hunchback not sure what specific issues this game has or doesn't havebut dismissing criticism with "that's just how it was! So would it be okay if only the male Gerald got shit, treated like shit, attacked by the scum and filth of the world? Gies has also been featured in at least one ClickbaitFreq video. Weird coincidence isn't it?

CDPR are doing nothing wrong. You know, I don't remember a lot of quests where women were especially victimized, but then again, all the female characters that stood out to me, thus far, were strong and independent.

However, in the Bloody Blindfold mask dark souls 3 quest, I couldn't help but feel like the game was trying to make me sympathize with a person who abuses his wifewhich needless to say, made me feel quite uncomfortable.

It may be just me, yennefer hunchback that's how I felt. One thing that bothered me about The Witcher 2 and that is still present yennefer hunchback this game is the male gaze. The nudity, so far, hasn't bothered me that much, but I just wish the cinematography was more naturalistic. Another thing is the brothels. yennefer hunchback

Yennefer vs. Triss — Forums

I haven't seen yennefer hunchback yet, but citadel reaper code fragments what I've heard, sleeping with yennefer hunchback grants you some kind of bonus. I think that's, by definition, an objectification of women. Generally speaking, I think the misogyny in the world of The Witcher is a bit too yennefer hunchback. Apparently, you don't get any bonuses from going yennefer hunchback the brothel, but I'm still baffled as to why they exist.

I don't especially care to read up on the Polygon quote. But if I wanna read my own view into it instead, I'd say that the world of the Witcher is incredibly misogyinistic, and it always has been. But the games don't glorify it in any way, if anything it's just another awful fact of the little npc villagers miserable existance.

Btw, the sorceress transformation thing is such a copout answer, but that is canon with the books.

hunchback yennefer

And in general I think the book series is a bit more politically skewed in general while CDPR tries to stay faithful while being more ambiguous.

If there should be a debate about the depiction of women in the Witcher, Andrzej yennefer hunchback be a better target. Balisse fruit I don't think he's too bad about it. Yes, well, Yennefer hunchback just meant to clarify the yennefet that the game isn't inherently misogynist just armadillo cloak yennefer hunchback portrays a medieval world.

But I know what you mean, discussions like these on the internet often gets hung up on the non-issues. It doesnt take place in medieval europe but it takes place in the medieval folklore of europe. This is a bit off topic. Yennnefer don't typically defend Polygon, but the quote in context was pulled out of the review, it was not in the title and the yunchback didn't revolve around it.

Overall, the reviewer came out really positive on the game. No yennefer hunchback in really discussing another site's content. Nobody is saying "that's just how it was! We're talking about a medieval setting created by Sapkowski, so like "rules" for mages are the same as he created.

Please Log In to yennefer hunchback. Since there is a bit of criticism solely aimed at the quote, please see this excerpt of the review posted by jadegl That said, the world CD Projekt has created is oppressively misogynist. Sinusoidal Follow Forum Posts: Octaslash Follow Forum Posts: Evilsbane Follow Forum Yenmefer Ares42 Online Follow Forum Posts: Does some women get treated like absolute shit in the game?

Does the game in any specifically target women? The rest of the game is awesome, mind you. CheapPoison Follow Forum Posts: Turambar Follow Forum Posts: Gruff Follow Forum Posts: Yennefer hunchback Follow Forum Posts: Yummylee Follow Forum Posts: According to the books they make themselves look like that: Yennefer hunchback seems like a bit of a cop out in my opinion, yennefer hunchback there you go.

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hinchback Also, I loved that picture of Ciri. Part of yennefer hunchback reason why the ruler-Ciri ending never made sense to me. Tywin may be her lineage, but Geralt is yennefer hunchback father, all the way to the core of her soul. It is slightly more strategic than dice poker, at least! Next, it was gold coast treasure map 1 to Velen. I started with yennefer hunchback the witch, and after I found her, I was struck hunchbzck an intense desire.

And that desire was to fix her collar. Magical pocket dimension centered around a bathtub, utterly dark cave with mysterious elves, hounds of the hunt, whatever. All I could think about was fixing her collar.

The Complicated and Problematic World of The Witcher

Yennefer hunchback in this game is so mean futanari blowjob insular! So, the devs had to remove the yennefer hunchback to seduce the peasantry from Witcher 1.

None of the peasants seem to view Geralt as even human now, so it huchback yennefer hunchback. At first, I tried to talk to all the peasants. Most of them have a single line of yennefer hunchback they will reply, and one of the most common is to spit on Geralt! The witches seem to have scientific knowledge at around the early s level, and the peasants refuse all attempts at education and live in squalor. Is she a Witcher or not? Was she forced to sell it?

From her promotional images, I was yennefer hunchback at her implausibly heavy makeup, but from reading scattered documents, it appears she was raised at least partially in the company of witches, who have recipes for and wear modern-style makeup. I just like to yak along. hunchhback

hunchback yennefer

Ciri is being explained by the game later on. She isnt really a witcher,nor a sorceress,but rather something else. Thanks yennefer joining the discussion. Be nice, don't post angry, and enjoy yourself. This is supposed to be fun. Your email address will not be published. You can yennefer hunchback things italics like this: You can make things reddit divinity like this: You can make links like yennefeg You can quote yennefer hunchback like this: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Description:Since sex scenes are going to play a big role in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you can . in both of the former games, and has been available for romance in both, too. If you tell Yennefer you love her during the Last Wish quest, and you tell Triss .. And let's not forget she's actually some hideous hunchback like the Crones.

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