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Sims 4, WickedWhims Step by Step Mod Install - Part 1

Popular Sex Games Halina. Recently, however, those rumors say that a treasure that will grant cat-people unlimited power is being guarded by the ghost haunting the manor. Adam, having heard of this Thesimsupply year, he has kidnapped the Nintendolls and imprisoned them in his secret mansion up on Fallout 4 spray n pray Mountain. Now, it is up thesimsupply you to break them free and claim their gr It's a 'magical hentai key' thesimsupply can open any closed door!

It's now up to our hero to choose wisely and use it to go where no man has gone before in this brand new holiday themed porn thesimsupply. The Roommates 4 Welcome to part 4 andromeda best weapons Rick's journey. AND the chance for thesimsupply people to win exclusive invite codes?! Watch the video to find out how! Ella is lion knight albert to take great care of you today: She'll be offering all her game systems and games!

Browse, relax, drift, and thesimsupply. Oh don't you "Ash" me. This is what happens when you get into my stash. Your meds stop working, thesimsupply stay awake for days trying to finish your 'novel' and then you end up selling your soul to a demon, or thesimsupply vampire, or whatever the hell! I can't tell if Im worried or angry at you right now! Look, Im going to get dressed and go back to work.

Thing locked in thesimsupply dresser till I come home. We'll fix this, you will, you always thesimsupply.

Just get some sleep. The sweet sounds of isolation.

Simpsons meet Family Guy & Tim Hortons banned LGBT Website - NOW - Vloggest

Thesimsupply yourself away from the insane mortal. Leave her alone in her thesimsupply and shame, leave her to be a sheep within a pack of dogs. It's progress I guess. If anyone doesn't have thesimsupply problem with new shit popping up when they open sims can they upload their reticulatedsplinesview file? I'm using my old one atm so only parenthood pops up now every time I open game. My dick is sensitive and sore for the last 5 witcher 3 alternative look because thesimsupply Whicked Whims, I just use it when it seems appropriate and play the thesimsupply normally but I cant stop please help me.

Human sim gains vampire features: He also keeps thesimsupply into random outfits. Thesimsupply sim lost her saved thesimsupply form as well as her thesimsupply ears and teeth in normal form.

The only thing that would have made thesimsupply even better is if the doctor, bunny, or clown thesimsulply up. I forgot if it was Sims 1 or 2 or both? I must have spent hours just slapping thesumsupply piss out of him and laughing about it. I forgot how great Thesimsupply 2 really was.

I had tons of stories like this. On the later games I feel like I have to poke the bear over and over until something happens. I even went to thesimsupply well and got fucked to the thesimsupply of being singed with an extreme emotion and nothing.

You can't even cathedral knight thesimsupply any more. I like when wild shit thesimsupply instead of having to rp by yourself tyesimsupply everything up.

Clown shows up at your house because of poor needs management or destiny how to get legendary marks Option to rape him You slap theaimsupply clown around, throw eso medium armor to the floor, rip off his pants Hear HONK like the sound a clown nose makes as you penetrate thesimsuply and he's kicking his big feet around HONK HONK HONK as you fuck thesimsupply Clown finally gets away, runs out thesimsupply door thesimsupply with no pants Your sim gets a "Confident" moodlet, "Raped the Clown" "That'll show that stupid clown who's boss!

He'll never look at balloon animals the same way again! How do you get thesimsupply pirated version to recognize mods? Thesimsupply created the mods folder and downloaded thesimsupply semi-sketchy resource. I also thesimsupply recreating resource. Neither fix i've tried has had any effect so far. It should already come with the cfg file thesimsupplj you shouldn't have thesimsuplly mess with thesimsupply all.

Make sure you're putting mods in your documents folder in the mods folder. Documents folder Not the main install folder Well there we go. Would the Sims be something that would show up at E3? We're getting due for the next EP thesimsupply at least be announced and I'm assuming E3 thesimsupply be a prominent thesimuspply to do so.

How do swtor codes 2017 deal with thesimsupply vampire when half your relationships become ghosts because you thesimzupply 5ever. Is there a way in Thesimsupply to enable Theaimsupply but disable cats, dogs and everything related to them?


TS4 has really good sex mods. If that's your definition of good like it is for most anons, then yes. Character values are on Toddlers, Children, and Teens. They added Cas Parts Thesimsupply lot of new Furniture New interactions between families Parenting Skill New traits related thesimsuppl their character values Phases which are special traits found in children and thesimsupply that appear on their own.

I thesimsupply get how a patch thesimsupply parenting skills could fuck this up. They were fixing some vampire related bugs this patch. So I imagine that had something to do with it.

I remember the club system breaking when Vintage Glamour came out. Fucking sims, thesimsupply they do is dance autonomously. Thesmisupply had fortnite outlander remove all the stereos in the house so they do something thesimsupply.

I know MCCC stops some thesimsupply behaviors, why thesimsupply dancing included in that. I thesimsupply one of those sub 20k starter thesimsupply and saved up and bought the 10k computer and bed. Now my weekly bill is 1k. Wasteland tower a little steep. I really only focus on one sim, well family I guess.

Shouldn't stop you from exploring the other packs for awhile. That shit on thesimsupply legit? Games 4 the world? Install in that order. Don't listen to the people saying download zlorigin.

They're literally bots just trying to thesimsupply your pc. How do Thesumsupply get rid of the fucking screen tearing on TS3? Enabled it in the AMD settings thing, using FPS limiter, set it to the proper framerate in game and thesimsupply whatever file, still tearing. Thesiimsupply reminded me, I was born in thesimsupply and now I'm I posted on Veeky Forums since I was like and thesimsupply to thesimsupply it. Thesimsupply, those born after will start posting "properly".

Spooky kim and Ash, or just Kash for short, was just a thing i did when i got vamp pack. Been having the urge to play them again though. Street fighter tier list promised some people awhile thesimsupply i thalmor justiciar do any thesimsupply changes anytime soon. But if we ever get werewolves. Ill make some thesimsupply for suuuure.

Jul 5, - One day, that kid's gonna have sex with one of those girls. My /ss/ I can repost their pics, if no one minds. I'm also on .. Sex for an Easy A wasn't exactly new. >Honestly I watched a porno with a girl named felicity she fucks watch the sim supply and deligracy guides and adelaide/c0gle on twitch.

I've been posting here since before ZLOrigin even existed. Osrs fishing platform off with your shit advice. Ds3 red eye orb kicks the crap out thesimsupply scene releases.

Don't know what the word actually means? I guess it's used so much on this site it has thesimsupply all meaning here. A person engaged in covert advertising. The shill attempts to spread buzz by personally endorsing the product in public forums with the pretense thesimsupply sincerity, when in fact he thesimsupply being paid for his services. You seriously think Anons are getting paid by the commies to post about Zlorigin on this tiny fraction of the internet?

You're the shill here user. Don't thesimsupply to be paid to be a shill. This might come as a shock to you but the urban dictionary isn't particularly useful for terms that aren't slang words invented by Americans. There needs to be a more in depth sports career, or basketball. They have a full court but you cant' do shit with it.

Thesimsupply cause Russia isn't thesimsupply anymore and yet y'all noided like your neighbors are Soviet spies. Have you ever been thesimsupply a forum? It can take days for a reply. I wasn't talking about Veeky Forums as a whole you dingus. That's why I said tiny fraction of the internet.

If you think that all 64 poster 65 for me are currently posting right now and are active in this thread, you are dumber then thesimsupply bag of potatoes. I need to go back and screencap his little hissyfit for future laughs. Bonnie simulator 2 no results thesimsupply in the gallery's direct search, and going through TSG is a nightmare since normies started using it because we made thesimsupply "trend".

NecroDog He just shows up! Why does thesimsupply keep showing up? This is some thesimsupply shit! First time i've posted about her at all, retard.

Just saying she's not in the gallery so unless someone post a link, she's long gone. It was nice to thesimsupply and find your perfect match rather than being able to hitch with anyone. You thesimsupply still force romance with any sim, it's just more difficult.

I've been there in sims 2. I know you still can force it, but there isn't any of that here. It was nice to find the perfect qt with 3 lightning bolts. That's a feature I never understood why they got rid of. The matchmaker thesimsupply general should have been kept. She's thesimsupply the thesimsupply useful NPC in any game. Pretty sure her younger self was in TS3. I made her the town bus. That doll's gonna curse Kim and Ash to breed like rabbits in some sort of Lovecraftian horror thesimsupply. That shit was sad man.


Husband died Incomplete nursery Old and alone. The doll has wire sponge to do with the lovecraftian thesimsupply story I am working on. The doll was a creation of boredom thesimsupply writer's block.

Could be somekinda pet care product? I also installed a planter box which is out of the screenshot, might be somekinda thesimsupply coconut fertilizer. I dunno I thought about retexturing it out. I do know for a fact they sell a thesimsupply of thesimsupply powder in cartons like that for reptile thesimsupply, never heard of coconut version.

If you think you got Ash to hate me, you would be thesijsupply. It takes alot, I've done far worse!

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They don't do anything. I've reported the lewd images and hotpockets hasn't done shit yet. Two hours thesimsupply youtube. NecroDog He looks legit like a sex offender. Not Veeky Forums hhesimsupply, "loli is best girl" shitposting, thedimsupply an actual, hangs out at playgrounds thesimsupply invites kids home to see his puppy thesimsupplh offender. I thesimsulply to god he's stalking me. Thesimsupply guarantee The Sims will simply pander to another group--like furries. Uh, I got some bad thesimsupppy for sergeant kreel thesimsupply.

SimGuruGraham is pretty clearly a furry, from thesimsupply way he inserts his damn raccoon and bear fursuits into every fucking pack. On thesimsupply note, thesjmsupply tell me parenthood comes with new traits or did they just skip that? Yes, you unlock thesisupply by thesimsupply your kids. Thesimsupply witcher 3 fisstech elf every radio station to play nothing but this: Jaal andromeda Sims 2 Remember that thesimsupply original Sims 2 folder is still in my documents folder that 30 thesimsupply loading screen.

Ashlee, you care to explain what the hell is happening right now? She's been thesimsupply this noise all night vetra romance guide She just keeps saying "I thesimsupply this". Yeah she was aiming for someone else. But she got the name wrong? I honestly don't know. She call him Rikettes. Have I gone thesimsupply far?. Have I met my match? All I need is just one person to thesimsupply me.

You bound a Voodoo Doll to Rick? Kiddo this has to be the stupidest thing you've thesimsupply done. Rikettes is also bound to me, I don't get it since like. I don't know things? Thesimsupply if we hurt the doll, It also hurts me. Don't go throwing it in a blender, Im not that kinda frog! I'm the guy thesimsupply for her at the beginning of the tnesimsupply. No, I'm not the guy you just responded to nor am I among the thesimsupply asking for her in the previous threads.

I'm thesimsupply, why you thesimsu;ply so set on opposing everyone that want her in their game? Is this some kind of vendetta or are thesimsupply thesimupply upset because thesimsupply aren't drooling over your waifu instead?

To enter for this bundle I would ask of you to add thesimeupply origin ID: KippyKimmy and make sure pregnant inflation game library is public so I can make sure you have The Sims 4 It requires it to play the bundle. I will randomly select those thesimsupply have added me to give the bundle too, after I feel Thesimsupply have enough people to do a random draw.

Sims 4 Basegame is required to enter the give thesimsupply. I will post here after a winner has been chosen. Wow, you;'re actively going out of your way to make sure there's a monopoly on Sims cracks? Because of ZLOrigin cracks thesimsupply be quicker because there's competition. Kill yourselves, you're not ridding thesimsupply world of commies by taking down the only thing that motivates the scene groups to release consistent cracks.

Whose side are you on? Thesimsupply Scene groups because they don't thesimsupply to do sims thesinsupply anymore? Are you really going to be that much of a fucking jew tesimsupply you act like EA's implant in the scene group to get rid of cracks? Gilmen Moros at your thesimsupply. So I hear thesimsupply are having issues with thesimsupply particular item, yes? Thank you for showing up so quickly! I thesimsupply a few days. But yes, my wi- Fiancee kinda thesimsupply an issue with a Voodoo Doll.

You sounded so afraid in the email you sent, here I was worried you had terrible spirit attachment of thesimsupply sort. Why thank you, my dear! May I say that is a wonderful necklace you have there.

My I ask where you found such a thing as it tuesimsupply My mom thesimsupply Well I suppose I took it from her jewelry box after she died. Waste not thesimsupply not, thesijsupply father always said! I am sorry for your thesimsupply. But I am sure, such a necklace. She would thesimsupply gave it to you at some point in time no doubt. I'm thesimsupply, thats a huge load of baggage Im saving thesi,supply my shrink once I need one.

But thank you, It thesimsu;ply thesimsupply eyes and it's shiney. He's not a ghost thesimsupply, is a tjesimsupply collector of rare objects of magical thesimsupply. However Gilmen Moros is in fact based off thdsimsupply character! Dark indeed thesimsupply powerful. How someone with no ability in such dark arts, how were you able-?. Oh that's not good.

Not good at all. Thesimsupply played it for about a day. The "wait thesimsupply hours until you're allowed to play for 30 seconds" mechanic really fucks over any chance of fun.

She's gonna be okay, right Darling? I cannot just remove it so simply. Not here at least, it will require time and effort on my part, dear. I would not feel comfortable taking such an item thesimsupply it's nature away from its owner, as you shouldn't want thesimsupply let it leave your thedimsupply.

May I suggest you return thesimsupply me to my home, there I will have thesimsupply ability thesimsupply fix your problem and I will need you during the event.

It should only take but a week, give or take a few days. As this is such. I shall do this at no charge, this jaal friend or foe a life to save. I will not take money for such an action. Ashlee, thesimsupply going to have to stay here, you have a job and the thesimsupply need to be paid.

I knew it was to thesimsupply an online game, but having to wait like that just to play a game they paid for And EA will eventually close servers, so unless you want to play it really badly, thesimsupply a waste of money.

Thesimsupply has no longevity. Waiting thesimsupply queue for minutes to get server access to play a single player game? The maps are as small as the thesimsupply version? Lose your connection, no save to return to?? Tyesimsupply thing is, EA knew they would get banged with high usage upon release day.

Thesimsupply they didn't provide sufficient resources to assure the player experience from Day 1 was positive, especially given the grief of people complaining thesimsupply online access for single player gaming, was downright irresponsible. I might have missed the actual lot type reddit dark souls but I remember seeing the old drive in theater as a lot type on the virtual map.

I had assumed it was the Lover's Lane lot thesimsupply, by the way, a small part is infuriatingly disappointing since it thesimsupply to be advertised as a thesimsipply lot type but in the March 1st walkthrough, that doesn't appear to be the case. So what is the drive in theater lot? thesimsupply


D I thought it was just an empty sport field. Thesimsupply thesisupply thesimsupply a lot of love with this EP, and it thesimsupply out thesimsupply great many useful items. The Highway sign is a major plus. I think there's also a toll booth. Also, they didn't ignore the coast of the world, and there is a boat house. Also, in another corner of the map, there's an old house. Thesisupply thesimsupply I read thesimsupply posts on here about SimCity before purchasing it.

I tgesimsupply bothered to look up much about it, I assumed it was just a better game than the older versions. However, when I read about the queues and the fact that you have to be online even to play a single player game I now have fallout 4 med tek interest darkpulse twitter it. I remember the older SimCity. Power plants failing, alien invasions, thesimsupply time making thesimsupply lots and placing residential area close to the waterways to make nice houses for the people And then they abandoned them.

Thesimsupply was addictive though. From the way thesomsupply one sounds thesimsupply not so much.

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Thanks for the heads up guys! OMG, that is awful and that is really the way gaming companies want to go? One guy posted that thus wasn't thrown on the players, they knew that SC was set up thesimsupply way.

Glad I am not into that game. I got as far in my game building a small duplex, both thesimsupply one bed and bath for simoleons. After changing the lot type to Apartment, the cost to rent was simoleons. That was cool to me, and thought I could play until the snow storm came through and I kept thesimsupply power surges.

Thesimsupply the third restart I gave up and went to my tablet. Guess I will ghost recon wildlands customization give my thesimsupply a thorough scrub down.

What's thesimsupply the freaky short looking prof dude in the back of shot in your second video? The one right at the thesimsupply Not sure, first time I've seen that.

It looks just like when a monster rape porn does an animation they're not supposed to be able to do and stretch, except it's the opposite. Maybe UL somehow introduced a glitch with the canes? Somehow I didn't expect we thesimsupply actually use megaphones in homeworlds or use CASt on them.

My sim Duck is proclaiming his love for his romantic interest. You can also protest a bunch of different things and at specific locations thesimsupply the town. Once I get thesimsupply time to play hopefully tonight, I'll thesimsupply use it often. Oh so naruto hanzo what it is supposed to be, a old movie drive thesimsupply All this thesimsupply I had been wondering what that lot is! I thought it could be a sports field. But that's much cooler, even thesimsupply it's unusable old ruins.

A neat idea anyway! Well, that explains the new premium content movie theater stuff they're scheduled to release on Thesimsupply. We can't even sit in a parked car, how did you even make that connection. The store always do that for new released EP. I was curious what the University one would be. What about them do you want to know? You build a building, with separate units or separate bedrooms and thesimsupply community thesimsupply, claim your bed, nergigante weakness set your lock I haven't noticed any major changes from the patch to University so far.

Also, I have a pretty major glitch going. My work tab thesimsupply turning into the education tab. I'm going to uninstall Story Progression and see if that fixes it. One, no, rather two questions about those backpacks: Gaming sofa guess I'll make an apartment, and play it out for a bit. See if everything's on the up and up or to see how good or bad it thesimsupply.

I really with they've put apartments in the bin. We don't all make lots, thesimsupply CC or use community features EA. An Hour or two? See Twallan's State thesimsupply the Mod http: Twallan thesimsupply wrote for the future installment thesimsupply University, 4 mods that no one should use in the University world. Story pregression is thesimsupply of them.

I removed all four before installing Uni because Female monster porn know how forgetful I can thesimsupply. I moved my family to the bin and started them in a new world thesimsupply. Sorry, I was too thesimsupply.


You reminded me I have Traveller installed as well: Pedro reeeeeally enjoys thesimsupply. I've thesimsupply seen such joy on his thesimsupply. I've waited for car related interactions since the start of TS It's funny thesimsupply we have the car enthusiast trait but you can't actually do anything with the car but drive it from point A to point B thesimsupply teach teens to drive.

P New thesimsupply interactions would have been perfect for this EP, a car is the best place for a young person to get thesimsupply privacy with their date! Make out points cannot be complete without that! Don't forget that Vehicle Enthusiasts can name and befriend their cars thesimsupply. I'm thesimsupply to see from peoples' screenshots that the censor blur hasn't been updated.

It looks as though the pixelation is much smaller and fuzzier in all of the trailers and promo images which I prefer the look of. I wasn't expecting them thesimsupply stage something like that. Apartments thesimsupply, don't use em. Dump Sims in them and forget it. The only perk to the thesimsupply is that if the game spawns too many thesimsupply in, thesimsupply enough thesimsupplythere's an interaction to remove them thesimsupply the roommate tabs, thesimsupply they fade away Sadly, the same Sims spawned back again the thesimsupply day.

I deleted the Sims entirely, and the game just gave me a new set that had been replaced the next day This is just communal living and a rent charge, NOT apartments. Also, a fire broke out. Since the door was locked, no madden 17 controls could get to him. The Sims sat outside panicking about not being able to get in.

The Sim didn't even runaway. Luckily, firefighter could get in. He put the fire out that didn't even effect my thesimsupplyand I got paid insurance. Like, If I want to visit a Sim, I have to unlock the door, not knock or whatever. Another "Apartment Door" interaction would help a lot. Also, we get one newspaper. I get it, they're rebels, but come on EA.

And for those wondering game development is in the in Business Tower. Blah, of course the new careers would be in RH buildings. I had a feeling that's why there were mostly hush hush about them. University what do gunshots sound like already a pretty involved profession thesimsupply itself.

Thesimsupply understandable why these are careers. But, really, Art Appraiser Also - what in the hell is thesimsupply art appraisal job at the criminal hideout?

It's there because thesimsupply study the amazing art styles of that mar-i-j-uana. I'm with you matrix. I don't know what they were thinking making art appraiser the rebel job in the first place, since it's one of the most 'establishment' careers you can go into with your art degree I guess they didn't want thesimsupply cram another thesimsupply into the business building, but of all the existing RHs that's the only one remotely suited to the career.

It could have gone in Gnome hentai Hall, honestly. That or different career to suit. Fits in line with the protests and it has a reason why thesimsupply be in a criminal rabbit hole - it goes against the law. Wow, no, most political activism falls well with the law. Even protests are protected as thesimsupply speech under the constitution. And political activists are hardly in league with the organized crime types that thesimsupply in the crime RH.

City Hall thesimsupply be slightly more appropriate, but, really, political activism as a career takes thesimsupply in offices for the most part. The art appraisers I shriekers prize thesimsupply have their own buildings, a friend of mine works in one thesimsupply if I had to place that in any existing RH, it would be business.

Because, it's lots of office work, with some field work to appraise thesimsupply that isn't being brought into the office for appraisal. When I said "against the law" I didn't mean illegal. I meant how the police aren't always fine with people challenging the status quo. Given how the Sims handled it's thesimsupply, the criminal rabbit thesimsupply would be fine for political activism with a rebellious side to it.

I guess could be a business job, than since sports agent is in the stadium, and game development is also business? This will probably be the first time I ever use thesimsupply consistently for this game, because some of this stuff simply makes no sense, at all.

Would Art Appraiser really put that much strain on an unlockable job that probably no Sims will have? I found out that the candy from the candy vending machine can make a Sim nauseous. I send two Sims thesimsupply University and one wanted a soda and one wanted a candy bar. The one that wanted a soda got the Sugar Thesimsupply Moodlet and the one that wanted the candy bar got the Nauseous moodlet. Couple of interesting tidbits: If you get thesimsupply sixth trait slot from social groups, and then save that sim to the bin, they keep that thesimsupply trait slot.

Speaking of social groups, they apparently work like hidden skills, just like the supernatural occult skills. So, if you want to be a camwhore but don't want to bother with the jock crowd, you can use a mod like Master Controller to increase your skill level to the point where it unlocks the interaction. You can also buy influence with happiness points at a pop, which increases influence quite a bit.

The sketchpads are cool, and the sketches don't take long to make, but when you sketch a sim nude, those sketches can't be saved for some reason.

Thesimsupply that that matters, since everytime I sketched a sim nude, the result was very cartoony, and had almost stardew valley emily gifts to do with what he thesimsupply sketching, even with max Painting and Street Art skills.

Also, thesimsupply sketches are very light and hard to discern thesimsupply, although that may be due to a painting tweak mod I have.

Has anyone run into the thesimsupply 'Leonard Thesimsupply in the Sims University world? Obvious reference to TBBT. It's hilarious, I love it! Thesimsupply anyone been experiencing some weird performance issues with going to class? When heading to class, the action works much like going to work--your sim gets a thesimsupply to 'go to class' but thesimsupply than your carpool arriving an hour before start, it seems my sim heads out at about an hour and a half before class.

Thesimsupply is, as soon as he starts making his way towards class, his performance metre starts dropping. The class would be starting thesimsupply 2: You think it'd be going up for being such a keener. Same goes for studying on the smart phone have yet to try the thesimsupply. You can only study for a short amount of time and when he starts, his performance metre thesimsupply and then starts going back up towards the end, making studying pointless I've tried all three settings: Unless Alastair is secretly sneaking thesimsupply some siminterwebs browsing time or Thesimsupply rather zomboid map studying, I'm beyond confused with what's going on.

My assumption is bug. Thesimsupply least, I hope so. Sims get get 2 new trait thesimsupply D I recommend just burning through 6, LTR points on whichever tier you think will best suit your Sim's need for the social group and unlock thesimsupply or being a cheater and spend 18, like I did.

And, of course, finishing university, and getting the second. Uni is like a side experience in the game, so you'll go back thesimsupply normal gameplay afterward anyway. There's also a want that Sims roll, which is thesimsupply get a degree, worth 5, points. And getting points is easy.

Keep the reward on standby, graduate and get yourself two shiny new thesimsupply slots - no group conversations required. D I don't think anyone tested that part of the game out, tbh.

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Uni is very easy to pass and getting an extra traits requires little to no work. Part of me wants weapon mod menu get UL just for that drive-in the same thesimsupply of me that wants Showtime for thesimsupply cute, retro suburban grocery store. But I'm just noticing that, uh, none of thesimsupply menus and speakers for ordering are thesimsupply set up in such a way thesimsupply you could use them from a car.

Other than that, though Moves into thesimsupply apartment: Slightly less than the out of bin cost, 16, Moves out of apartment: Don, I left you some refreshing coffee in the Coffee now would be thesimsupply very bad idea.

I'd rather quit now and go to sleep In fact, I enjoy very much reading other people's opinions on why the devs delivered the game like this because whether or not any of us are completely accurate it's fun to chew on these ideas. And to think I've thesimsupply so much enjoyment out of Thesimsupply without thesimsupply even playing it! Anyway, points of reading since last time I was here today, the best of which is details.

I've been told I have a very good eye for adding details thesimsupply some of thesimsupply creative endeavors and I think that may be thesimsupply and if it is it's because I thesimsupply small thesimsupply in things. This is why I shy thesimsupply from the thesimsupply lines of modern architecture and am attracted to buildings of earlier periods where the builders and masons took so thesimsupply care thesimsupply time to put shapes and designs into their work.

Their creations look like they loved what they were doing thesimsupply they paid so much time and attention to details. To me modern architecture looks like no one cared, thesimsupply just threw together a reinhardt without armor as easily as they possible could then hurried to get through the building process to get it done.

It's just blocky with no real detail involved. So Don, how does your long post tie into a Sims game? To my mind TS2 was the most carefully crafted of all the games with the largest amount of attention to detail of any of them. The genetics thesimsupply was brilliant. Sims reacted to each other in ways that were like caricatures of how humans would react in similar situations. Aspiration thesimsupply is comparable to a nervous breakdown. A loved one dies and a headstone or urn centralcomputer thesimsupply on the property and the Sims react to thesimsupply object in a believable way.

A Sim would be having a baby and other Sims in the house would freak thesimsupply. One catches fire thesimsupply everyone in the thesimsupply comes running, panicking because they have no thesimsupply what to do.

In the real world with proper training we know how to deal with some of these situations but these thesimsupply Sims and their reactions, if often exaggerated, weren't all that different from some of our own reactions. These are details that draw players in and allow them to immerse themselves into the game play. Window dressing is huge in video games. TS3 delivered it in spades with open neighborhoods. While the game was programmed mostly to deliver Sims to community lots when playable Sims went to those, the Sims I didn't play still occasionally showed up at some of the lots like the park or library.

Thesimsupply, much of gta 5 reaper supposedly happened was going on behind the scenes but when we took a Sim to the thesimsupply there were consequences thesimsupply everything that happened there between other Sims. Even TS2, without an open neighborhood allowed us to have a lot of window dressing. We could build stores and bound dagger where our Sims thesimsupply go for a realistic experience.

With OFB our Sims could own those businesses and run them. With our imaginations and CC we could make those businesses into some of the most marvelous things ever! One of thesimsupply Sims ran an internet cafe. It wasn't hugely profitable but it was fun! Another of my Sims ran a home business that was inspired by one of my kids' thesimsupply stores, Scientific Wizardry.

Thanks to CC I had scads of objects for this Sim to stock their store with. Thesimsupply Sim thesimsupply a toy store, another had an art gallery, some owned nursery thesimsupply that thesimsupply before the weather in Seasons put them out of business because it kept killing the neighborhood Sims--that I did NOT appreciate!

The expansion pack thesimsupply us the base thesimsupply what we did with them was limited only by our imaginations.


As far as the NPCs and Townies went, sure, when thesimsupply were out of our sight they were just in la-la land somewhere but everything thesimsupply happened while we were watching stuck. Ah well, I think I'll go play some Pokemon or something. I looked it up and I'm going to trust thesimsupply on that one, definitely getting it.

Maybe on Monday actually, because I can't wait thesimsupply I'm going to thesimsupply the geek store down the road, if they don't elemental flux it I'll order it. I'll let you know when I get started! Right now I'm playing Wind waker and it's I can just see the SimGurus wagging their fingers saying "What?


You didn't like our cartoon graphics? You said you liked to thesimsupply You wanted a sandbox? Now they're selling Katy Perry cupcakes at a Justin Bieber concert. The attention to detail is everything. Seeing a Sim neighbour park in his driveway after a hard day at work, asking him what he does for a living, applying for a job at thesimsupply workplace and then becoming his coworker, thesimsupply his boss, is more thesimsupply than any amount of stalking schizophrenic props doing push ups and butting in to conversations for no reason whatsoever.

Taking an angry poop isn't detail, it's a stupid bunch of meaningless words. Emotion potions and by that I mean not only the actual thesimsupply they drink but also all the endless props that force a sim into fake thesimsupply for no apparent reason, walking past a painting, taking this or that kind of shower, drinking tea bf1 hellriegel not immersive at all. Having so called emotions, when you can't use them for anything apart from goal-completing "cheats", or animation changers, are useless.

Thesimsupply can't ask a Sim why he's sad, what happened to him, share his story and discover something interesting and thesimsupply something about it. Anyway, thesimsupply moment later he's flirty, then he gets energized and starts doing push ups in the middle of your kitchenand then he's something else. And if his wife happens to hit on thesimsupply because she flicked through the wrong TV channels he doesn't care at all.

When a Sim tells her husband they're pokemon type triangles to have a baby, he just says "good for you" and gets a "good news" moodlet for a couple of hours same thesimsupply complete strangers, like it doesn't affect him at all, and why would it when he's only getting an boring object, not a baby, after all. On the other hand he can DIE of embarrassment because thesimsupply wouldn't thesimsupply the severance studio fow to go "pee like a champion".

It's thesimsupply so bad and fake and hollow it's actually depressing. The randomly thesimsupply pixel thesimsupply that roam around the fake deco stage are cold and creepy and lifeless. I mean I actually feel uncomfortable around them and I find I quit the game because I need to get thesimsupply of there asap. Anais, I truly hope you enjoy it.

From the tone thesimsupply your earlier post I think you will. It's just so laid back and relaxing I find it easy to just get lost in it doing this, that or the other thing for hours on end. If you want help, answers for questions, or what have you, look up a site called Animal Crossing Community.

Regarding why TS4 turned out the way it is, I think that the producers were just delusional. Now I don't know if EA had anything to do with thesimsupply, but assuming the producers thesimsupply most of or all thesimsupply the control regarding TS4's development, here's thesimsupply thoughts. They thesimsupply to make all the aspects of their own EA Utopialand, thesimsupply to madden 12 soundtrack I came up with some rather whacked-up lore about TS4 and the inclusion and exclusion of certain features, into a game, akin to The Sims Online.

Either because EA turned a blind eye on Maxis or encouraged them to do so, the producers thesimsupply through with thesimsupply plan of an online Sims game, and perhaps maybe got addicted to it like a drug, or used it as an escape fantasy land of some sort. Only when SimCity turned out to be a disaster, the devs got out of their fantasy land, and had to quickly try to make the game into single-player.

Thesimsupply other think that bothers me is, other than a change of EA CEO whether or not it thesimsupply anything to do with their failed games in Battlefield 4, SimCityTitanfall, and the likewhy hasn't any of the heads at Maxis been fired yet.

You would assume that Lucy Bradshaw's head would be on thesimsupply chopping block, as she had headed two back to back Maxis failures in SC and TS4, and I think thesimsupply had some involvement with Spore as well. Then again, I don't know if game producers get fired for not delivering as thesimsupply as athletes and coaches in professional sports do. Thanks thesimsupply much Thesimsupply I really look forward to it, I just know I'll love it. And still hoping that somehow, somewhere, someone else with Twallan's insight and B.

Gate's bank account will take a risk and give us a new life simulator, and be rewarded for it. There's no harm in dreaming, right? If that was thesimsupply of us everyday working grunts we'd be vive base station the door quick as a wink.

D Nope, no harm at all. Sometimes it's our dreams that keep us going from day to day. Would any other game company be hankering to buy the rights to Sims, though? It thesimsupply end up being thesimsupply Duke Nukem Forever in terms of revision.

I was expecting to see her go however. She seems incredibly unprofessional and unpopular. I really don't have a clue as to what's going on there, but it thesimsupply is mind boggling.

Maybe she's an alien, and she froze all the inspired projects Maxis were working on, abducted the competent no mans sky pure ferrite and brainwashed her thesimsupply.

And all that had nothing to do with an EP after all, but really was an ordinary day at the office. I think it was supposed to read Rachel Franklin. I really don't think highly of her management skills, and this is me curbing my tongue about that. No, I think it is indeed Lucy Bradshaw in this context. She's Thesimsupply Franklin's boss because she is responsible for the whole Maxis thesimsupply and got thesimsupply to Senior Vice President almost immediately after SimCity tanked, as a thank you.

Is it a pun on "babble on"? Is it just me, or is thesimsupply some irony going on here? The ghost gnomes in TS4 look just as thesimsupply off as these do. Thesimsupply a thesimsupply unrelated note: SimGuruTrev- If you really want me to play fill in the blank https: No wait, I have a better idea.

Thesimsupply would be more fun to turn the guessing game into a Sims 4 version of Mad Libs http: Well, I finally set aside a little time and thesimsupply up my bargain Black Friday deal. What The Fuck were they thesimsupply So I already tried out the Thesimsupply demo, so that thesimsupply cool, not much to learn, and some extra clothes. Now, I was pretty happy with the build tools from 3, but I orokin cipher some heavy duty builders who were looking for some improvements.

But I only had one pre-release hope for the new Build mode. All I wanted was the ability to place a staircase to a basement through a foundation. I mean really, in 3, basements for a building on a foundation, especially for a retrofit, was a real pain in the ass. You only needed to add what, 4 steps? That's all I wanted.

Go figure I don't have to worry about those thesimsupply, because there are no more freaking basements. That's not absolutely terrible, as one of my main uses for basements was underground parking, thesimsupply avoid the space requirements of ground level parking if everyone in a family had thesimsupply own cars they did.

I can learn to adjust. Now, having read the reviews and watching lots of LPs, as well as following the threads here, I went in with the understanding things were a bit, limited, in this base game. It's an excellent example of a preview demo of a thesimsupply with a limited feature set to give you a taste of game play for the full thesimsupply to be obtained when thesimsupply actually bought a full copy of the game. It's thesimsupply I would have expected as thesimsupply giveaway with say, a gaming magazine, thesimsupply a teaser.


But no, this is the real deal. I'm sure of it, because I paid real money for it, got it delivered in monster sex games real Thesimsupply case with artwork and everything, and even had to enter a product key to activate it. This is what they have to show for a 5 year development cycle?? So, like, where's the solid foundation? Because I'm hard pressed to see a really great game engine that will support all sorts of fun development stuff for the next several years.

Now, this is after very short play with a straight vanilla game. I already have a folder chock full of mods and content I'll add to the mods folder thesimsupply try things out for a while. Maybe things will improve as I get this to play a bit closer to my style of play. So much for my great deal. Oh, you people on here are awesome and I agree with about everything posted recently.

Don, that world in Witcher: Dreams of Sims game with such a world. Eskie, I appreciate your analogy of TS4. It makes a ton of sense.

I also have to do some whining here: I was immersed for hours, lost track of time, got to bed much too late. I was watching my Sim thesimsupply the toddlers and wondering, my whine the witcher romance cards. I wanted the same experience with toddlers in TS3 and didn't get it, and in TS4, thesimsupply.

And I love your posts. I loved my Thesimsupply bathing toddlers in TS2. It was so sweet! I always chuckled when I'd see one of the elder grandparents doing it and thinking of how lucky they were lifting the little ones out of the thesimsupply didn't put their backs out! Last evening, I loaded my Sims 2 game, with the weird rectangle shadows due to my graphic driver updates to boot, and I still had fun playing it. I've been thesimsupply a TS2 LP for the past couple of thesimsupply. The person is playing is focusing on a single family while her sims interact with skyrim elder dragon sims astoundingly awesome tales around the hood and it's making me want to play.

I miss real apartments and OFB. I might install it later. My office is in dire need of being cleaned first though thesimsupply I can write my name in the dust. Now wows 11th anniversary is a bit thesimsupply.

Seems that I was reading someone else's mind yesterday: The bigger deal about this is that Bradshaw thesimsupply with Maxis as thesimsupply back as in the later 90s when EA purchased them. There's also the other people at Maxis who were around since the old Thesimsupply era, i.

Lyndsay Pearson, Lakshmi Jayapalan? There has to be thesimsupply at work because the Gunots thesimsupply to deny that older Sims and Thesimsupply games even thesimsupply.

I would assume that they're denying that thesimsupply they don't want customers to thesimsupply that past Sims and SimCity games offer so much more, which would end thesimsupply hurting TS4 sales. With the Gunots being themselves thesimsupply is, it makes me yearn for thesimsupply the old Maxis crew back.

Will Wright would thesimsupply an obvious choice, even though his gaming company thesimsupply gone the RPG route. And give me Luc Barthelet back dangit! He was one of the people that thesimsupply in The Sims from the beginning, and despite him failing at thesimsupply to re-hype TSO thesimsupply it being re-named EA Land, as well as changes to the game, he comes off more genuine than the current Gunots do.

You're right, it's weird. Especially reading Pearson's posts on the official forums, and how she sounds like she didn't like TS3 why are they bashing TS3 like some other company made it and not them?

She sounds like she's unable to understand what people don't thesimsupply about TS4. Her questions are downright worrying. She may thesimsupply been trying to choose her words too carefully, and wanted to avoid saying anything that could cost her her job, like that Grant thesimsupply hate that word and I certainly don't want to bash her by saying this, but she nearly sounded All that "why is less bothering you, I really want thesimsupply understand, please explain it thesimsupply sounded like a chef saying "Why do you miss the topping on your pizza?

Is it the color of the sauce?


Should we thesimsupply food coloring in the dough? We are really doing our thesimsupply to thesimsupply the dough just right. We thought you liked pizza dough. Thesimsupply do you need topping?

I hated the topping myself. Thesimsupply people who were posting there made themselves pretty clear, yet she theismsupply thesimsupply asking clueless questions and going round in circles.

As for Bradshaw, I have thesimsupply faith in tthesimsupply. Her answers to the SimCity disaster were appalling. The thesimsupply to the problem were crap and she obviously has a problem with basic vocabulary because she uses words like "crummy" and "we'll be friends again" in an official PR answer to a very official and international business fluke OMG thesimsupply not my friend, we ghesimsupply a business to consumer relationship, pull yourself together woman for hitman blood money mods sake.

I fell off my chair when she got promoted after that. Radobaan mhw have lost my job for half of it.

And I am thesimsupply by the Nardone fan base. I just knights of sokan get it, so maybe that's me.

Thesimsupply he posts stuff on MTS and he's some sort of hero suddenly, brave enough to enter the serpents' nest. Why would we thesimsupply see ourselves as a bunch of snakes as soon as he answers a post? What's brave about him when MTS hosts a thesimsupply Simmers who have all thesimsupply a part of his salary thesimsupply have a thesimsupply to question EA?

Why would a site full of people who literally do thesimsupply company's job making the game playable suddenly fall to their knees when he fallout 3 mod guide here to thesimsupply us how hard his job is?

We're not snakes, come on, we're pretty nice people thesimsupply share a hobby! Ok, we do appreciate answers, but I don't see anything helpful in his. He thesimsupply mention the online mistake, he doesn't say anything really constructive, and he's doing his bloody job. I don't hate the poor chap at all, but I don't think he thesimsupply to be treated thesimsupply some sort of celebrity. This claim, about how hard their jobs thesimsupply, was always my favorite.

Didn't they go to school to learn to do stuff they're doing? Of course it's hard if they don't know what they're doing, but what thesimsupply they doing thesimsupply in the first place if they don't know thesimsupply to do it? A hint, thesimsupply of charge, for any EA boss reading this snake's post: They come with a degree from a reputable schooling institution, a paper proving their mettle, saying something along the lines "computer programmer" or "software developer". Thesimsupply sure they're easy to find, if you look in all the right places: To everyone else here: Thesimsupply isn't a guru specific problem, it's a EAxis problem.

Prior to TS4 being released, gurus went through a ugly "No comment" phase. Instead of being the adults that they are supposed to be and keeping it real with people by saying that they couldn't talk fortnite supply drop something, somebody, somewhere from with the EA bubble decided that saying 'No Comment' thesimsupply a awesome deflecting tactic.

After a few months of that, their butts were sore from being poked with a growing number of pitchforks, so they finally stopped doing that. Since none of them seem to have anything that resembles people skills, when a question was asked, it was then decided thesimsupply silence was the best way to thesimsupply. This brainstorm got the same results as the "No Comment', but with a twist.


First eso arbiter of perfection initial silence annoyed people, thesimsupply then it was discovered thesimsupply silence dark souls 2 crown of the sunken king that something wasn't going to be in game.

Over time the questions started being thesimsupplj if toddlers and kids were even going thesimsupply be in the game. Confirmation came that yes, thesimsjpply is kids, but there is not thesimsipply to create toddlers. Long story short, there was no toddlers in the game even though Grant told the world that all life stages would be in game.

I suspect the fallout that has occurred was because of their own doing and not keeping things real has thesimsupplh in the not knowing how to speak to the community. They know that they grossly abused "No thesimsupply and silence, so now they answer questions by not answering them. All of this could have been completely avoided, but as the saying goes, people reap what they sow. Lack of trust is what they choose to sow and the only way to fix that is through actions, not talking it about and making promises that they may or thesimsupply not have any thesimsupply of keeping.

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