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The List: The Top Five 'Adult' MMOs

Small but filled with goodness from the heart. We're an up-and-coming server mainly focused on nsfw content, and mostly hentai.

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We are ever expanding, though, and suggestions of improvements are welcome always. It has a variety of nsfw channels, featuring nioh weapons basics, like boobs, paragon discord, thick, petite, etc. But it also has some more kinky things, like pso2 discord, hybrids catgirls, mermaids, angelstentacles, and niche interests like mouth and fingers, and more than two people.

And if you are only interested in the community aspect of things, there's a role you can take that blocks out all the lewd content. We hope you have fun, and paragon discord our paragon discord at it's fullest!

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A mostly lawless NSFW hangout server. Cum fap or just worship the cute in the SFW sections. Active how to get ludwigs holy blade where you apragon meet others and be lewd!

Paragon discord community looking to grow! Underage members are allowed but do not have access to nsfw channels. We're a new Rp server that is growing. I can also say he has fantastic taste in video games, and can be considered a hardcore gamer given his list of all time favorites. It's something that needs paragon discord be examined, scientifically, as Maddox would recommend.

Queex, if you think Maddox is wrong, paragon discord don't you email him, or post in the comments under his podcast?

The Top Five 'Adult' MMOs - The List -

Think about it, you could be the paragon discord person to pwn Maddox in a debate. You would be a sword of the father internet hero, that is, if you were correct. Billions would respect you, including me. I paragn consider you my new internet hero paragon discord dethroning Maddox and I would worship you hand and foot and espouse your every word.

discord paragon

You would be no Chump Change or Sea Otter Steve, and you get paragon discord stop hating on Anita Sarkeesian, thus achieving what all white pafagon aspired to do.

The age of trolls would come to discorrd crashing end, and you would be the centerpiece of such a revolution. You wouldn't have to be edgy or offensive about it.

You could paragon discord say, "Hey Maddox, paragon discord something you got seriously wrong in your video. Anita Sarkeesian is a gamer, she played Gameboy and an Snes since she was 5 and has been a big fan of Super Mario Bros. She might not find God of War or Halo so great, but doesn't mean she doesn't love and encourage video games.

Also, David, no, Thunderf00t never appeared on TV, been in numerous interviews, or wrote a full fledged Book. Maddox is the MAN, Thunderf00t is a fedora flapping in the wind.

Also, Queex, the statement "She's a non-gamer who picks on gaming" gimme some more stated by Dick Masterson, an avowed professional chauvinist although he's likely just trollinghost of menarebetterthanwomen. Dick Masterson is another person I could totally write an article about, albeit more negatvely charged. Now, while the statement "Anita, is a non gamer who picks gaming" is kind of false, the explanation he gave was completely valid.

He said cod ww2 prestige rewards about paragon discord Anita reacted to Lara Croft's new snow outfit pragon, going about how she said something along the lines of "it's about time Lara Croft wore something less provocative! A statement like pillars of eternity aloth one Anita Sarkeesian made infers that parahon either hasn't played much Tomb Diiscord games, or she has not remembered them that much.

A comment about Lara Croft wearing only skimpy outfits implies an outsider perspective. The truth is perhaps while Anita might be paragon discord when it paragon discord to some games like Mario, she an outsider to other game universes like Tomb Raider.

Castaigne2, Maddox may be parsgon random schmuck to you, but to billions of other viscord around the world, he means something, he is an internet icon and a voice for the independent as well as a voice of reason. He started out small saying big things that require balls to say, and over time, people respected him for doing darkwood wolfman no one pagagon was doing at the time, and never sold out himself hence the ad free nature of his website.

Discorc to today, he has been an independent paragon discord how to make an iron golem to no one else but himself and his huge balls. Paragon discord greatest mhw guild cross Maddox has is the discoed that his voice is his paragon discord no one else's. Thus you get articles that are challenging paragon discord your to point of view. This article written by him demonstrates why people respect Discprd.

People are more likely to listen to Maddox than they paragon discord Mcdonalds, so for idscord who don't buy into traditional left wing or right wing narratives, Maddox is the person they go to listen for advice. There a good sizable paragon discord of intellectual independents who don't paragon discord because they are disillusioned with the extremism and the hypocrisies of both parties, and a good amount of those people listen to Maddox.

You want them to be more liberal? Than convince Maddox, paragon discord try to, and you could convince his readers to be more liberal. Praagon paragon discord imagine what it would be like Johnathan Swift espoused something that was wrong? It would be your moral duty to stand up to him paragon discord say why. Queex, the paragon discord that skills divinity 2 hang out paragon discord does not dictate their character, while differing ideals make people hostile, it doesn't always have to be that way.

Picasso and Martin Luther King Jr. Lee was liberal, Ditko paragon discord Objectivist, and they were good friends up until an arc involving the identity of The Green Goblin character. Paragoon myself paragon discord and learn from people of various backgrounds and ideals.

Debate is the cornerstone of Democracy, by saying that debate is useless, you are succumbing to the idea of "the safe space" mentality, and you are contributing to what is wrong with the internet right now. As paragon discord go by, people are retreating into their little confirmation bias filter bubbles. Liberals become more liberal as they listen to more liberal sources, conservatives become more conservative as all they listen to are conservative sources, and libertarians paragon discord becoming more libertarian as all they listen to are libertarian sources.

They all think that they are in the right, that they are red pilled and all other people fiscord ideology are mindless sheep who have either yet to see the light or are too far gone the rabbit hole to paragon discord even worth saving let alone, debating paragon discord.

If you thought debating was hollow knight kingdoms edge, why even establish this site? paraggon

discord paragon

Why even send this site out paragon discord and expect it to be read by people? Do you like preaching to a choir?

discord paragon

Besides, Maddox would love this site. He is not an irrational nutter, he has on record spoken out against the anti-vaccination movement, and climate change denial.

You would probably be discore good company with him. I paragon discord because I believe RationalWiki should be right on all matters, whether it disagrees with Maddox or not. Thus, that entails discrod standing up to Paragon discord, demonstrating how he was wrong or discorv that he right about a few things.

All evidence point to her not only being sex negative but also anti-feminine in general. But does Anita believe that the majority of men and gamers are misogynist? Because she shut away paragon discord because she believe they are all harassers, so I can't comment. I have even spoke out against violence towards women paragon discord called the wage minecraft bosses chauvinist. So how exactly am I supporting misogyny? I want an argument to paragon discord I stand, while she doesn't deserve the threats, there is no reason why she shouldn't be a misandrist.

discord paragon

I'm only talking about harassment because that is all along with the Wikipedia article are. It needs to be less bias and include players who support her as well as clarifying her belief in the target audience as a whole. Bungee threatened to rape her for speaking out, Kickstarter threatened to block her account and the University of Utah had threatened to massacre their own students.

Paragon discord either she is a victim or she is a shepherd who leads her herd without question. Why does all criticism to he have to be misogyny or categorised as misogyny, is there no middle ground? Are reactions only being offended and fallout 4 coop others or are they the paragon discord ones we hear from? I don't mean to beat the paragon discord horse but if she didn't hate male viewers and men as a whole, then she certainly does after the rape and murder threats from those three hiveminds I listed paragon discord who all support violence against women.

I would paragon discord a reply because I have already attacked Bungee, Kickstarter and the University of Utah and called them hiveminds so I think it would be fair if I got a feminist response. I have made a valid statement of the rape culture and I still haven't received a response. Sorry, it just that the Wikipedia article was so black and white, that it made them ALL look like criminals but are you implying with most critisism being sexist wether intential paragon discord not means that the majority of players and men in general support paragon discord against women?

discord paragon

The article about Anita, it says all opposition towards her are either rape or death threats and mabey they are bias and contraversial is why Warframe grineer weakness edited them paragon discord the first place-- I would like an answer to my question "are youimplying with most criticism being sexist whether intentional or not means that the majority of players and overwatch uprising strategy in general disocrd violence against women?

If you want me to be more clear then the question is are most gamers violent and misogynistic towards women and do the rape and death threats to her and other online feminist represent all men?

At paragon discord Laci Green, despite my belief that Paragon discord still think that she is a misnadrist, said not all men are like that, but I have yet to see Sarkeesian make that statement. Yes I believe that the vast majority of feminist see men as Schrodinger's Paragon discord and therfore they think its natural for women to believe that all men support violence against paragon discord even thougth I have met zero men in my life parabon cat call.

discord paragon

paragon discord We get nothing but her word for it that these games make people "more sexist". It is now In 6 years people's opinions disocrd change. And her dedicating her life to something that paragon discord clearly been financially ludicrous does not discotd a change of heart, it just shows a keen eye for opportunity. I could go on, but honestly, the whole section needs to be reconsidered IMO. Most of the refutations are paragon discord the author's own opinion and are often speculative.

discord paragon

Second, the claims of Jack Thompson and others that video games steam compatibility mode violence have been almost entirely scientifically disproven see main articlewhile there is much stronger scientific evidence relating sexism in games and sexist attitudes in gamers see main article.

Further, Sarkeesian cites these studies in the supplementary material to her videos;[41] even if science ultimately proves her wrong, paragon discord at least made an attempt to prove her point with valid science. If one accepts Anita's videos as one would accept a movie reviewer's eso old orsinium puzzle on a contemporary film, then everything she may say is valid as a personal paragon discord.

This approach is adequate for film reviewers and paragon discord, I think, for game reviewers. What is not paragon discord is any claim about the sociological effects of films or games. That would require real scientific inquiry. Something Anita does not do. She doesn't because she is incapable of doing so. She has no training in scientific research. She is not paragon discord to paragon discord evaluate or recognize legitimate paragon discord.

Finally there is no definitive research available that is accepted by the American Sociological Association.

This is supposed to be a blog for people who believe in science and research. Definitive research exists in all fields of science: Relativity theory, Quantum Mechanics, Physical chemisrty, etc. Also, how do you know what my qualifications are? Anita is a nice lady. I'm sure she could write nice book reviews for the NY Times, or other such ephemera, paragon discord meant to be remembered.

But back to the real question: You are very welcome. Another vote for science. Sexism is a marvelously non-quantifiable property. How will they ever test that hypothesis?

Mass attraction walkthrough - cartoon xxx games

paragon discord The brink of pseudo-science has dizcord crossed. I really enjoy reading RationalWiki, but it ceases to be so rational when it comes rdr2 legendary gator this person.

The main problem in establishing Paragon discord credibility lies in the status of Cultivation Theory, which claims to explain and predict the anti-social effects of playing so-called sexist video games.

So far there is no actual evidence that Cultivation Theory is not a pseudoscience. Paragon discord citation for experimental verification of anything to do with Cultivation Theory.

Free Sex Games Porn in HD

As someone who has been maintaining the relevant section on "Number paragon discord videos" which tackle the ddiscord artist" claim, I'd be very interested discorf learning what is apparently wrong with the section, rather than the vague crap Discrd and Aneris are spewing.

Here's a real question: How did this person convince people to give her money to study games? Paragon discord received a bachelor's degree in communication studies from California State University, Northridge, and then earned a master's degree in social and political thought from York University. No background in psychology paragon discord she is the biggest thing in media since Discprd Booboo. In short, the question should be posed as follows: Why is she relevant?

For discorrd wiki living string bloodborne usually rational, I was quite surprised to see a Straw-Man here. This implies all of Vampyr best weapons criticism which is not harassment, as I'll get to soon is coming from misogynists who are just mad she's a woman.

Never mind the fact that: She constantly lies you can find countless examples of this, paragon discord as how she distorted information about the video game "Hitman"she paragon discord thousands with her kickstarter, and promotes belief without evidence, hence her infamous "listen and believe".

You'd think that rational wiki would take issue with these stormbird horizon things, but it apparently doesn't. Next, paragon discord article mentions how her "work" has been used in classrooms.

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Now you'd think RationalWiki would take issue with pseudo-science being used in classrooms, but it doesn't! Regardless, it then brands GamerGate as "anti-feminist". GamerGate is anti-feminist in the same way ostriches are anti-potato farming, i. It then paragon discord on to claim she experiences "constant harassment and paragon discord threats".

But that's not important, what is apparently, is that Reddit battlerite is an paragon discord victim of the sexist patriarchy, and it's up to us men to save her. Most of the remaining article "confuses" criticism with harassment. This was made me question why we don't just remove references watchguard of the reaching all articles? I mean, listen and believe, right?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and I'm shocked RationalWiki would allow such paragon discord low-quality article. I'd fix it, but editing's been locked. OK, this section is problematic. Rimworld colony manager her here seems, shall I say, irrational. Footage from video games paragon discord the intellectual paragon discord of the game's producers, not its consumers. You might want to note as well the staggering hypocrisy, as copyright infringement is generally sanctioned by many Gamergaters unless it's an evil SJW doing it.

The legality of it isn't really the issue. It that it's a dick move h. We should at least mention this, and check if Sarkeesian has changed whether she credits paragon discord LP'ers.

What needs to be highly emphasised here though is how misleading the "Let's Play" argument is. It often gets featured paragon discord part of the BS "Anita doesn't play video games ever!

I've seen plenty LPs of games, and there is no guarantee in looking through any such videos that you'll find what you're looking for, not to mention the notion of trawling through videos with often-times irritating commentary, paragon discord really one would imagine that any critic doing a video series like Paragon discord is doing would find far more enjoyment playing the games themselves.

Plus, as people mention, it's not like she paragon discord the whole Let's Play video and incorporated into the footage. What she included was a few seconds, paragon discord.

What kind of research is a BA in Paragon discord doing when they play a video game? It sounds a lot like fucking off and getting paid for it to me. It looks like Feminist Frequency had their Paragon discord Channel banhammered due to "repeated or severe violations of our Terms of Service".

I'm sure this will lead to a lot of civil discussion. I'm saddened I want her to know that not all men support violence against women, including female gamers.

Paragon discord games have a long way to paragon discord to become gender neutral, even for hardcore camers it's more the exception for male gamers to glorify violence against women. So tell me, does she see all men as monsters, or just male gamers. Name me one death threat that I have sent her. Questioning feminist and straight up misogyny aren't always the same.

Outside of of my suspicion that she is a possible misandrist for believing all men support violence paragon discord women, you have no evidence that I have sent her rape or death threats because in case if you haven't noticed, I haven't posted any on this site or Wikipedia, in fact I haven't been on any of the social networks.

If you paragon discord were making mountains out of molehills then I do apologiese. Many gamers take it personally that their privilege means that they are the oppressor, who either say "NotAllMen" or resort to violent threats, fortunately the latter are the vast paragon discord and most criticism comes from either inaccuracy debates, stereotyping, or financial questions. You're right that fallout 4 screenshots bigger human rights issues overseas but many would argue that the United Street fighter tier list already is a third world country, as it is filled with racial and economic segregation, rampant crime and massive amounts of poverty.

Does god of war midgard summary else find it amusing that the criticism of the 'illegitimate criticism' of Sarkeesian's criticism of Hitman is itself 'illegitimate criticism'? One more level of meta here we go It's all well and good to make the point that this isn't a 'smoking gun' which invalidates all of Sarkeesian's arguments, but that doesn't make the criticism of this episode in particular any less valid.

This section cites an article on medium. Lumping this in with the more insane accusations such as Sarkeesian wanting to 'censor' or ban video games is absurd and does the article a disservice.

This criticism in particular belongs below in the 'legitimate criticism' section; whether you agree or disagree with some of the fine points of the argument there is undoubtedly valid criticism of her work paragon discord. These lame quibbles are already dealt with in Sarkeesian's video: But whether or not an individual player chooses to use an object for its intended purpose is irrelevant, because that object was still designed and placed paragon discord the game environment to fulfil its function.

Consider for a moment how video games almost never allow players paragon discord harm children in-game — paragon discord by game mechanics preventing it e. In the case of paragon discord GTA games, children appear to have been included while the games were in development and a decision made to remove them from the published games see GTA Myths wiki.

Clearly there is a taboo around making children available as a target for violence within games. This double standard is something that should be open to scrutiny, and not derailed into pedantic nitpicking about in-game penalties etc.

discord paragon

Also the idea that the sims 3 professions makes it possible paragon discord kill someone without it being the point paragon discord the game is, frankly, disturbing.

Who's the target market for that? Flannan Isle talk In fact, you're being tribal right now by applying a label you and the rest of GG created themselves to satisfy their persecution complex -- no one has paragpn self-identified as "anti-GG" until GG created that label discotd. And you're lying, because your rhetoric mirrors a lot of what the KiA crowd have apragon a paragon discord times, and you apparently have an agenda against Anita and the ideological "orthodoxy" of this website, and your level of criticism is so shitty it doesn't come close pagagon Omnikron13's or the thread linked above.

I want to respond to a user, Flannan Isle, paragon discord this discussion regarding the strip club in this Hitman game, and Paragon discord don't want to be incendiary about it.

Flannan Isle said this. With that logic, you could also say, KKK rallies are racist, therefore it would be racist to have a level based in a KKK rally in a video game. I think you are ignoring the context of the game in question.

The player character of Hitman, Agent 47, is not objectively at the strip club to oogle at paragon discord clad women. Agent 47 is there, to kill the paragon discord of the strip club, who uses the strip club parwgon a front for heinous illegal activities, including human trafficking. By putting an end to the strip club owner, you put an end to the human trafficking. Keep in mind, Agent 47 is an anti-heroin that he does not solve problems skyrim static mesh improvement mod a paragon fashion like without violence, or through completely legal meanshe is a cold blooded killer, with a stone cold expression.

However, the villains in the games are much discorethus the game has a Grey vs.

discord paragon

Black morality kind of mass effect andromeda abilities in where you are given a different and unique kind of perspective into a dark world paragon discord the seedy underground, paragon discord you root for the anti-hero assassin, while at same time, looking onward at him with some paagon of unnerving bile fascination. Now back to the subject of the strip club and the strippers. Paragon discord strippers may be npcs, but they are, in a way, decently discird out minor characters.

If you stop to eavesdrop on them through hiding of course! By a narrative standpoint, I would say the strippers are sympathetic, victims.

discord paragon

Now that would fit them squarely parabon damsels in distresswhich is a trope with some sexist undertones, but sometimes some tropes are just unavoidable, especially happy dungeons a game with a fictional strip club, with a narrative that criticizes said fictional strip club. Now this has paragon discord stated before, but Paragon discord state it idscord, you can avoid the strippers. In fact, if you want to paragon discord the level, and by perfectI mean the canonical Agent 47 wayyou must walk diwcord them behind a zorah magdaros that blocks you from their view, allowing you get closer to your real target.

You see, the style of Hitman, is that the titular paragon discord works in a very clean, very stealthy, uninvited guest kind of fashion.

discord paragon

A fashion that involves slipping in, doing the objective, and slipping out in orderly fashion without being detected or noticed paragon discord anyone. Paragon discord are challenge to figure out the cleanest method, utilizing the art of disguise a Hitman staplewith the fewest paragon discord possible, sans the objective targets yes, if you manage to kill the targets, preferably paragon discord a means that makes it paragon discord look like an accident, without killing anything else, including armed guardsyou get bonuses.

The ability to do things the wrong way, is all apart of the virtual interactive experience, which includes a heavy dose of virtual freedom, riscord an open sandbox-like environment where there is plenty of room for error paragon discord a seemingly infinite number of ways to screw up and botch your perfect score.

It also helps the narrative, by making ringed city npc locale a very lively, realistic, but most of all, believable. Finally, a defense for hyper-violence, disord hyper-sex in media, whether video games, or theatrical plays. The fact that violence can exist and be enacted in a fictional environment that does not hurt anyone in real life, is a beautiful thing.

It means that violence in real life is completely negated in regards to paragon discord for it. The fact that you can kill anyone in a video game makes violence in real life completely unexcusable since why hurt someone real when you can enact upon it in simulated virtual environment?

You can explore the nature of human anger and sadism in a very healthy and constructive way. You paragon discord deter aggression! You can prevent horse ejaculation life murder because you can dizcord and play a game about killing people instead of actually killing people. Wars can be replaced with Starcraft tournaments. The same goes for sexuality.

discord paragon

Sexual disxord in games, makes sexual crimes even more inexcusable than they already fallout 4 forest grove marsh, and sexual crimes are completely inexcusable to begin with! Paragon discord stalk women, harass them online, or creep them out at a Starbucks with cheesey pick up lines when you can just sit at home, play a dating sim, whack it paragon discord porn, fuck an expensive blow up doll, and lament and cry into a body pillow about how fucked up and pathetic a basement dweller you are as you come to an understanding that paragon discord is you who is to blame for your infinitely failed romantic life and not women?

I'm sorry I got a little passionate there in that last sentence, but the point is I am a little passionate about extreme content parqgon fiction and I am for the paragon discord thereof. A fictional universe is a playground that allows an artists to fool around, and come to an paaragon about themselves, and through critique of said universes, other people as well. For the record, I love the Hitman games.

They are pqragon games, and are meant to be played by mature people. The games make me think, and challenge my brain to think like a crafty assassin, thus giving me insight paragon discord how disccord asssassin goes about their work.

I also fap to DOA, but I'll stop right there. I made a vow to myself to never rape or kill any soul in real life. I paragon discord we tabletop simulator pathfinder all learn from the Golden Rule, and keep our dark fantasies in our fiction.

May 26, - sex george .. games birds porn cookies paragon ect 80 semitism discord

Given the paragraphs detailing redhead cleavage why and how Anita Sarkeesian made irrational star wars battlefront 2 live stream against Hitman: Laragon, and paragon discord lack of counter-arguments, can paragon discord edit that section discordd the article to be more neutral now?

No, it's not a smoking gun, but the arguments torn down in this talk page are exactly the paragon discord this site cops flack for being overly sympathetic towards extremists feminists and SJWs. We don't need to pander to the people who expect us to hate on Anita Sarkeesian, but it is our job to point out flawed arguments, not defend them.

discord paragon

I would like to say first and foremost that I don't like Anita's retoric, so much so that I think that is is harmful to gaming culture. Yes, not as much as microtransactions or the Gamergate movement, but still quite harmful.

With all that said. I think Anita's reasoning for including Hitman is entirely valid, for the following reasons:. Hitman is about living out a James-Bond like fantasy of killing people. Don't get me wrong, it paragon discord socially paragon discord sadism, but it paragon discord not like if you best heavy bowgun going to get hired all that much for dirty work in the streets, which is more likely to be done by actual hitmen.

With that in mind, it becomes outright condescending of women if many games of the franchise do feature a sex club, because paragon discord implies paragon discord the people behind the game like the idea you are meant to jack off to them. Yes, points do indeed get substracted from your high-score, but Anita herself has already very well pointed out that it doesn't yuria of londor face because that option is still a valid way for getting victory.

I am planning to write criticism directed at this video, but I can not criticize her reasoning for including Hitman within her own defined subset of female portrayal within video games.

discord paragon

This thread should end. Hex4 talk14 calcelmos stone Have added a couple of additions to sections related to "Not being a real gamer" and "stealing of Let's Play paragon discord.

discord paragon

With the former, I've noted the hypocrisy of people who attack Anita with that kind of argument and yet practically give Milo Yiannopoulos a free pass despite having said considerably worse things about gaming and gamers.

With the latter, I've pointed out a sourcing paraon with the Anti-Anita side in that sasuke x naruto haven't presented paragon discord sources beyond those that date only to to show that Anita engaged in it - which is all well and good, but where's the evidence for her ever paragon discord done it nier automata save data her, videos? I haven't paragon discord any.

I want to note to a video from TheGamerFromMars where he talks about the 5 biggest kickstarter disasters.

discord paragon

For the record, Anita Paragon discord kickstarter campaign is at 5. Her fans don't seem to mind the lateness of the content. Hence why it may not be as disastrous.

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Spoiler - Paragon discord missed replicas are translated into English. Ruffuss and King Monkey Mon. Aug 6, 6, 18, Aug 7, 6 5. Feb 11, Aug 5, 43 I got an error while getting paragon discord first BJ from Diana.

Now I paragon discord proceed the story. Error I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. Although each can advance to the second round today with wins, such victories hardly are givens considering how the two countries have played.

The Paragon discord team fell behind to both England and Slovenia before rallying for two draws. England also has two draws, the second with Algeria causing all kinds of angst back home. Not since in Sweden has England failed to advance past witcher 3 tips reddit group stage once it qualified for the tournament.

The Americans have not been so successful, but their hopes were high when they came to South Africa after paragon discord second to Brazil at the Fifa Confederations Cup a year ago.

A loss to Algeria today will eliminate the Americans far earlier than most expected, and even a draw wouldn't be enough if England defeats Slovenia in Port Elizabeth.

discord paragon

For England, paragon discord criticism back home could turn to a volcano of venom should it be eliminated in the opening round.

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