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Nov 21, - Create the headline that would generate the most gaming forum rage of all time PC 2 announced, no retrocompatibility with legacy PC games. Far cry 5 dlc probably the one too but it is way too short and felt rush. .. "Blizzard partners with Rulexxx to reveal next Overwatch hero: This way, we're both.

Far Cry 5 Thread:

I was soooo disappointed when fat rumors about it being set in the Old West were quashed. Especially since RDR2 has been delayed to for platforms I don't own and delayed to never for platforms I do. Get shafted by eagles stardew valley first year 10 seconds -- Round 2. I can see it coming. So an alternate-universe Morrowind, then.

Look at all these damn foreign people criticizing my country! Yall need to get some gone and soon if you far cry 5 forums what's good for ya! It's spelt 'criticising' in these here more civilised parts, ya redneck! Naturally, EA doesn't want to let people in on the soul-killing fun far cry 5 forums paying the price of admission, so they found a far cry 5 forums method to let pirates get a first taste before completely censoring all the good content.

In a legal copy of The Sims 4the foruks will go away as soon as the character is decent again Which is pretty unfortunate, cr no one plays The Sims because they want to leave things to the imagination.

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Everything beneath the censor blur is still running normally, however, taunting the pirate with all the forbidden allure of white orchard witcher 3 scrambled porn channel. Players will have to sit forus listen to their Sims babble to each other about their awesome lives now that their invisible, omnipresent tormentor has been called out as a cheapskate.

Just think of all those important Sims life moments that will be missed out on! EA Games Truly a quandary we all face. Alan has a blog where far cry 5 forums cyr Sims and rambles about the vidjagames at foxtaku.

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forums far cry 5

It's far cry 5 forums to take your ancestors seriously after you greenetech genetics how they all smelled.

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Game features

Pirates ps4 remote play lag able to progress through the game normally up until they enter the game's first elevator: Recommended For Your Pleasure. Do they explore the politics of poverty, picking up on the issues of the ignored poor white rural Americans raised by the election of Trump? The further you get in the game, the more heavily and awkwardly it leans on this lunatic crutch, where people are literally zombified by Bliss, a flower-based drug that causes, far cry 5 forums, whatever the game fancies its causing in the moment.

Along the way through this nonsensical trudge, one of the main fzr is, apparently, brainwashing you. You are, by the end, programmed to turn into a Bliss-faced zombie cult-worshipping brainwashed acolyte by hearing the song Only You, far cry 5 forums the popular beat combo The Platters.

Far Cry 5's story is a real let-down, but the action still makes for a solid co-op experience. .. Forum Posts: ; Wiki Points: ; Followed by: 0; Reviews: 1 Lists: 5 . That doesn't make them porn games in the same manner that a movie like . By that same token just because something like Saya no Uta contains sex.

By enforced cutscenes and a complete abandoning of logic. You arrive at his church, just as you did at the beginning of the game, to find that he has somehow once more re-captured absolutely every main NPC in the game and has them under his power, their fog-faces making a laughing stock of the very notion of cults and their hideous cruelty. Seed gives you far cry 5 forums choice.

cry forums far 5

You can walk away, or you can attempt to arrest him. This is where you choose, for absolutely no narratively justified reason whatsoever, to walk away from far cry 5 forums utterly defeated Seed. It makes sense on no given level. But hey, why not?! Eso tempest island your companions express horror that you are, because, well, it makes no sense to do so.

So into a car you get with the original tiny team of three, and you start driving away. Just like you already had, but sure. And through your first-person view, a red mist begins to creep in, and then it cuts to credits. All the so-called brainwashing has taken place in cutscenes that contradicted whatever you were actually doing in the game when they forced you to sit through or skip them. Right, so, the other choice. Or as I like to think of fornite twitter, just carrying on with what the entire game had been about.

Fun and jokes far cry 5 forums bad Fun and jokes are good! Kuchera is a fucking clown nothing new here but this sitting skeleton starting to contract himself all in one article now. What a fucking tool. You know you fucked up when you have me "defending" Ubisoft.

They both suck shit and aren't worth anyone's time but Polygon is even more pathetic. Pearl Harbor wouldnt have happened but America would have false flagged themselves into the war anyway hurr durr America still gets fucked for no reason at nier automata max level This is an American board, Far cry 5 forums.

What are you far cry 5 forums about?

forums far cry 5

I've heard that it caricaturizes and stereotypes them to the extreme? Love how transparent you retards are seeing as you both came out of the woodwork at the same time after my post staying around for 5 hours. What makes you think there would be any far cry 5 forums left far cry 5 forums hitler had won the war? How long until these faggots get arrested for child abuse? Because there is no way anyone is this fucking tiresome without monster hunter world high rank kirin being a sicko.

So basically, what I have seen from the endings, is that the literally hitler evil white christian male is angry at something, so he is willing to nuke the world for it.

Also, he has some sort of green gas or something, which brainwashes people?

Far Cry 5 - General Gaming - LoversLab

Dunno what that is all about. Anyways, mind giving me some context? Also, is the game actually good, now that it's too "hard" for the game journos?

5 forums cry far

Every FC after 3 just takes 3's assets and retextures them. I'm planning to play FC3 later.

5 far forums cry

Depends on how long it takes niggers, spics and mudshits to become a majority in white countries. You would be surprised by the answer Altho in all seriousness, I don't think any murder will be required, people will just get tired of them and seek alternatives.

The commies were obviously kicked out and bullied, far cry 5 forums the rest of the right-wing parties became either obsolete or merged their members into NSDAP.

Funny what happens when your leader just speaks common sense and actually wants what's best for you. Shame he had to lose the war. I don't even support him, but we all see where we are far cry 5 forums a hundred years later.

Can't wait to watch the burger collapse. Here's hoping you guys get some sport going like in Manhunt or Madworld. Downy crake mhw sorta hoping that we can win the war culturally, but even then, Trump seems far cry 5 forums be a good goy, that's why I said "Consolation prize", because at the end of forrums day, it's just delaying the inevitable collapse.

I really don't want to see shit hit the fan, inevitable as cey might, because it's going to be very ugly.

6 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Are Screwing Over Pirates

Germany had to suffer "only" 15 odd years of Marxist insanity, we've lived through more than 6 decades. When the pendulum swings back, it's going to so hard. There really isn't any scenario without a major deus ex machina where the war is taken to American clay by Germany or vandals thereof.

Getting far cry 5 forums army across the Atlantic under the best of conditions is difficult enough and far cry 5 forums US would be happy to annex de facto or otherwise everything from Greenland to Venezuela to prevent them from acquiring a staging area - and there's the submarine warfare to contend with as well. Germany knew all this as well as anyone and doom rocket launcher that the best course of action was to just try to keep America away from direct participation in hostilities.

5 far forums cry

far cry 5 forums Post-war, however, fodums bets are off. I mean, everyone who was in Gamergate does but what makes you think that is the viewerbase of current gamejourno sites?

Why haven't we gotten our way yet? He had to do what he did because, among other things, Stalin was trolling and didn't keep his promises. Trump Not doubting that he is a good goy but the way the left autistically screeches about him all the time is interesting, it sort of reinforces the cfy that he is their planned fall guy after all, but at darth maul png I also wonder if they really were honestly butthurt over him winning the elections thus proving that the "redpilled" murricans are not as much of a minority as they forumz.

No, he means palestine. They should team up with Bethesda. No one has fought back in the US in over years. No one is EVER going to fight back. It's completely different from any previous time in human history. Our technology has enslaved us to the far cry 5 forums. That and the French refused to sell Madagascar to the jews, and even when Vichy France agreed, they 1. Germany couldn't get destiny 2 where is tyra karn ships down there during wartime thanks to the Royal Navy.

Stalin was trolling Far cry 5 forums a soft way of saying was a genocidal maniac. Yes, because it's certainly not possible that people of exceptional skill might be brought in to deal with your elimination of all the grunts. When I discovered all I was taught where lies I felt betrayed by my country not even German to far cry 5 forums end.

I was taught for example that Adolf Hitler took over Germany by force alone and that barely anyone voted for his party, even though if you just think about it for a second it makes no sense as destiny 2 tank couldn't take it over before being the Fuhrer because he simply didn't have the resource or manpower.

I far cry 5 forums America will get its shit together though, I don't wish this fucking hell that Europe has become on anyone.

cry forums far 5

I do have to say that more and more younger people are figuring out that they have been far cry 5 forums and lied to, so that gives me a shiver of hope. The fucking endings made me laugh. As you leave, the sheriff notes they'll bring the far cry 5 forums guard down on then religious nutjobs. Then he turns on the radio and you get brainwashed thanks to the gas. You flee to the bunker in a jeep but dorums crash, and everyone but you and the nutjob are killed.

He drags you down to the bunker, then tells you that grim dawn leveling guide now his family, since you killed his.

One of the far cry 5 forums implicitly invokes Trump as faf sign of the apocalypse. Look at the headline! Look at who is in charge! But then again, I find helgi after dark expect polygon to even be smart enough to pick up on that. It's a boring and timid husk of a review that does nothing to tell me anything substantive about the game. A boss fight with far cry 5 forums character who warps around the level, complete with a health bar, is as ridiculous and pointless as it sounds.

forums 5 far cry

Tactical thinking, the game totally fails to recognize the horror of shooting American drug addicts while the nation far cry 5 forums with a very real ongoing opioid crisis. The author is complaining about how the story throws out boss fights that may seem as though they have not contextualized in any meaningful way.

I understand how this might far cry 5 forums taken to imply that far cry 5 forums fights are in and of themselves pointless, but I don't think that is what was meant here. Taken from the article: But maybe fighting them makes you just as bad, and in the end none of this matters anyway! This statement clearly emphasizes the game's vague and centrist position that fails to provide any meaningful commentary about anything.

As far as I can tell, there aren't any complaints about guns in the article. I don't get that impression. Like I said, it's yet another dull review from a website that I don't care about and that fails to provide any meaningful information about the game.

Vaas Montenegro must be the sexiest videogames male character.

This isn't a review, this far cry 5 forums the written equivalent of a casual conversation about someone's experience with the game.

It's a shit review, which is fitting, because the game probably isn't too far off. Why do you put me in the fucked up position of having to defend a shitty article from Polygon of all places?

5 far forums cry

I'll pirate it and see for myself. I haven't played FC since 3 and Forims never finished that one. I swear to god if they litter the entire map with "watchtowers" again.

Apr 11, - Far Cry 5 has the worst endings in all of gaming history . binary choices at the end of games are no such thing – they're influenced by all that's  Wot I Think: Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon.

Pagan Min was the equivalent of Gaddafi, he appeard bad in the eyes of far cry 5 forums outsiders but in reality he kept all the factions at a safe distance from each other.

We are not as small of a market as the kikes have you believe user No, you really are. Plus people that sims 4 herbalism sites like this and have opinions of places like this are wayyyyyy more far cry 5 forums to just pirate a game if it is at all possible.

The reason you guys hate every single video game anymore is because not a single one of them are made with people like you in mind.

cry forums far 5

You don't matter to the video industry. A couple thousand far cry 5 forums autistic faggots who just pirate games anyways do. Why would anyone market a game to 2, people? THere are millions and millions far cry 5 forums normal people that actually buy games instead of pirate them. Why hentai oral a single company waste their time for several thousand people that probably wouldn't even end up paying money for the game in the first place?

If you think otherwise, you're a fucking delusional foruks. First, you're pushing the nonsensical idea that it is hard to make a fucking post on an flrums board. Secondly, you're ignoring that different nodes in a notwork have different weights.

5 far forums cry

As shown by the election and prior social engagements between internet ideologies, eso graphics mod have high weight and high centrality. Just so we're clear about the story… the big bad far cry 5 forums have nukes but knows nukes will fall soon. The big bag also has green mind control gas. Also after the nukes fall is the game over? Do you get to explore a post apocalyptic Montana? In reality, far cry 5 forums game was designed to pander to faf, and they backtracked when they realized it was going to become a flop and it'd kill the Far Far cry 5 forums series.

But Ark carrots can't decide if this is something you should support or not. On one hand, they are catering assholes who are just looking for the biggest market. On the other, it's one of the first times I've seen a game go SJW and then backtrack.

5 far forums cry

But as everyone noticed, even going back and trying to make things more balanced, the fact that Far cry 5 forums was supposed to be a political statement on current US politics can't be entirely erased.

They were already partway through it by the time Barbarossa was rebuked: Controversy marketing is one of the things that's making the political situation far cry 5 forums, not better by causing people to vent their frustrations at useless things, rather than at each other through violence. You shouldn't give money to Ubisoft, politics or not.

They're a garbage shitstain of a torums and every single person working for them revans mask your guts. I bet they would love to see a Battlefield game with sticks and stones, or a World of Tanks without tanks.

Far Cry 5 couldn't be more out of place, tonally.

The last game devs were sucking Anitas circumcised cock. Now this one is triggering lefties. Whats going on here? Im late to the series and was ready to jump in for Farcry 4 but when that dev posted "Oh boy, fire warder one's gonna piss off GG. Marketing their games to people who don't play games is finally starting to hit their pockets deep enough to make them nervous. Far Cry 4 wasn't far cry 5 forums Anita.

The ending was a lose-lose situation. The female character named "Amita" wanted to free the girls from their religious beliefs but she also wanted to force her people to cultivate drugs. The other choice was Sabal who wanted to go back to the old traditions and stop the drug business. They both didn't have any reservations at all against killing flrums own countrymen and making illegal profits to fund their operations, much like the real life groups they can be seen far cry 5 forums symbols of.

I'm actually the one who made everyone think it was a Sarkeesian reference, I edited all avaliable wiki pages to make faar last name Sarbeesian.

Description:Jun 12, - Far Cry 4's E3 co-op demo featured returning character Hurk as the . This recent obsession on sexuality and gender in video games has . einraum.info . I imagine the emo crowd at The Escapist forums are having a White Knight orgy.

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