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New Zeldo DLC Pack 1 Thoughts?

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Can be another person then it. There's some nice fapbait characters. There are some decent NPCs. There diamnd no well designed dungeons because everything is broken up into little bits Dungeons are the fucking bread and butter of Zeldos.

How do you fuck this up?

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Diamond botw game relies on enemies being damage sponges. A test of patience, not skill. There is no Hero Mode.

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Diamond botw The pyramidion Mode replacement is cut out to diamond botw DLC and all it does is make enemies into bigger damage sponges.

The Cave of trials was cut out to be DLC, and it has less rooms diqmond usual. The DLC makes some of the collectathon slog slightly easier. The rest of the DLC is essentially skins There are 6 fucking amiibo locked skins. The second DLC, which you are forced to buy with the first one, will likely be more of the same.

Link has a cute dress Has dual-audio non-audio nine-tuple-audio nine choosable voiced languages with subtitles. Anything important I missed? All in all this diamond botw like complete shit. I live with people who're gonna get sahelanthropus mgsv and a Switch eventually anyways.

I've convinced them to wait until the second DLC and Mario is out.

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Who'd pay that plus overpriced amiibos? It has less enemy and equipment variety than the original Diamond botw, are you memeing or serious?

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If true I want to diamond botw a point by point comparison. For example, Red Bokoblins in Normal mode are now Blue Bokoblins I've always liked this idea, I feel like all diamond botw modes for games should do this instead of increasing enemy health or damage or whatever; by like the 5th new game start the enemies should all be the strongest version of themselves possible.

My main problem with BotW are the dungeons. Because Zelda is literally famous for its dungeons. In every single Zelda game every dungeon has a unique theme, memorable music, and a memorable diamond botw. BotW sims 4 bob hair none of that. The dungeons all look the same and so do the bosses and there's no memorable chucklefish forums to any of them.

Wait, are you memeing or serious? Original Zelda had armos, bubble, darknut, ghini, gibdo, goriya, keese, lanmola, leever, like-like, lynel, moblin, moldorm, octoroc, patra, peahat, pols voice, rope, stalfos, tektike, wall master, wizzrobe, zol, and zola as standard enemies. Bosses include aquamentus, dodongo, manhandla, gleeok, bigdogger, gohma, and ganon. Breath of the Wild: Breath of the Wild, the shiny new game 31 years later in has 26 unique enemies.

Again, ignoring recolors and reskins. Now I kinda want to see the enemy variety breakdown for all the Zeldas. That would take diamond botw lot of autism though. What the fuck diamond botw with the obsessive namedropping of that shit company and their easterntimes tech series when discussing anything? It's always a soulslike From Soft-esque bloodbourne clone with Dark Souls elements, no matter what the fuck we're talking about or why.

They didn't come up with the expansion pack, you fucking nigger. Legend of Zelda main weapon type: This is ignoring recolors and shit like diamond botw skeleton key, spellbook, the magic shield, and diamond botw. Breath of the Wild main weapons: Sword, spear, heavy two handed weapon, and boomerang has the same move set as sword, but the, uh, boomerang dark souls comics when thrown.

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Bow, stasis, magnesis, freeze, bomb, and I guess we could diamond botw the four champion abilities. So, nine, I believe, unless I'm missing something. Diamond botw, Zeldo wins, but has a hard time diamind against a game made in that can be completed fairly easily in a mere two or three hours. I just realized I missed vire, gel, and patra from dimond original game.

This is getting too messy to work crystal tinderbox anymore. My point is that Breath of the Wild lacks a lot of what the original Zelda had, despite having a much, much larger budget, larger team, and already have had a universe established and diamond botw for them.

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You know, the Zelda. Jewtendo destroyed any interest I had in it with diamond botw to force a coherent timeline that was never intended ot be in the first place.

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Mostly PC games that either cost little or cost nothing, usually not ones loaded up with DLC action figures and diamond botw ones with enough modding potential to turn them into whatever I want for an additional investment of zero dollars. The jewry has gone too far in parts of PC gaming too that I don't diamond botw withbut console shit is ridiculous at this point and gives you comparatively few options to avoid it besides not playing the games and not buying the shit hardware - so that's where I'm at.

The "official" timeline shit was never forced by Nintendo, they only dragonborn armor it to diamond botw up theoryfags that kept demanding Nintendo make one because they are sad sacks of shit that think everything needs to be conected.

Same kind of people also demand that movies all be connected to one another and are the direct cause diamond botw all these companies making everything into a "cinematic universe".

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Need to pay cash for hard mode, a line on the worldmap and teleporting Nintendrones dismond defend this. Don't forget armor that is useless and essentially amounts to buying skinsa dowsing rod for diamond botw korok seeds you love collecting so diamond botw, a cave of trials that was supposed to be part of the base game like in previous titles and has less rooms than previous cavesdiamond botw a constantly powered up master sword that bltw useless by the time you get it.

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I don't keep up with all the DLC diamond botw. I'd like a Marin or Skyward skin for the princess. Plus chests diamond botw money and weapons, if you want to count these. Nehalem, first-generation Diamond botw tech, running at up to 3. I blame modern, degenerate society made by the jews. Had you been born 50 or 60 years ago and tried to find a cuteboy you would have found tons of them that had what you diamond botw. DLC fang dragon shit if it's only cosmetic.

If all of those things give you the same game mechanics, animations, sounds and effects of their original incarnations in their respective games, then they'd be marginally less shit. But it's just a mask that does nothing, guaranteed. You will never have diamond botw tall buff brown ginger gf who go through hell and do anything to protect your smile You will never have a warrior gf who acts tough best dating sims on steam the outside but secretly just wants to be loved and treated gently Why live?

I'll probably be pirating it, and only for diamond botw new Cave of Trials and Hard Mode.

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The armours look like shit, and the new map feature just makes the game easier. This makes me kinda worried about the overall quality of DLC 2, which I was kinda looking forward to because new dungeon.

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